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How to Sew With a Serger : Introduction to the Serger Sewing Machine

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Some of the Best Sewing Machine Possible: A 1915 Singer in Action

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From ron989.

This sewing machine is almost 100 years old but look at it go! The stitching seems tight, I bet it it still has a good solid bobbin, and it runs well. Many people believe that Singer makes the best sewing machine possible, and it’s hard to argue they are quality built.

Ever since the first sewing machine was made in the 19th century the design has been improving but the fundamentals have stayed the same. Sure, you can get computer controlled models, and stronger actions, but at it’s heart the sewing machine is still the same. I find it interesting. If you were to compare the end result from this antique sewing machine to the result of the best sewing machine today, most people couldn’t tell the difference. That’s a testament to the strength of this craft, and also shows how when you’re buying new sewing machines you’re buying features to make the act of sewing easier on you!

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A Couple of Sewing Animations

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From jenniewebs.

Wow, I have never seen anything like this before! A textile animation - done by hand! Such skill, I love it. The parts where the clouds and waves come in very well done. Bravo!

And for a little bit of humor watch this video: the best sewing machine animation I could find ;)

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Singer Futura Sewing Machine Features Video

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From OpelikaSewing: This video highlights all the amazing features found in the Futura Sewing Machine Line by Singer. The Futura lineup includes the CE-100, CE-150, CE-250, and the CE-350. Futura is Singer’s embroidery sewing machine line.

Are the Futuras the Best Embroidery Sewing Machine? This line certainly has the features needed to hook up to personal computers, and the stitch quality looks good. Embrodiery machines are very fancy - look forward to some reviews and recommendations about finding the best sewing machine for embroidery uses.

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How to Use a Sewing Machine : Selecting a Stitch Pattern on a Sewing Machine

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How to select the stitch pattern on your sewing machine; learn about this and more in this free sewing video taught by an expert tailor.

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