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Sewing Machine Reviews Are Live

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We now have over 600 sewing machine reviews online now. Ranging from the newest sergers to older mechanical action Singers, there are just so many types of sewing machines!

Some of the best ones you might be interested in:
Babylock BL40 Creative PRO, the Europro 9106, Janome’s Jem Platinum 720 or Super Quilter DX, the Singer 301, or the Viking Huskylock 910.

There’s also the Brother XL 2600 or Brother SE-270D, and the Singer Ultralock 14SH654.

Some of these are classic machines, but all in all the reviews should give you a feel for what all is out there. I hope these will help you find the best sewing machine possible.

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Best Sewing Machine Review - The Brother 1034D Lay-In Thread Serger

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Best Sewing Machine Deal For SergersLooking for an affordable serger? The Brother 1034D is one of the best sewing machine bang for your buck!

If you’ve been interested in sergers before but haven’t bought one yet, you’ll see this competitive model is under priced. Some people get scared off thinking that 4 thread overlocking is more difficult, but surprisingly this machine can make it easier.

It can do 3 or 4 thread overlocking, or 3 thread at 3mm and 5mm widths, blind hemming, and flatlocking. The end result is that attractive hem edge on your fabric that regular sewing machines cannot do.

For day to day consideration changing the spools is easy to do - it uses a color coded and numbered system to prevent errors. Thread tensioning is easy to set and troubleshoot should something go amiss. It comes with a responsive foot pedal and  many users praise the machine’s smooth, fast action.

Some of the best sewing machine features can seem “hidden” off from use at first. Thankfully, experts praise the manual and included DVDs of instructional material. If you have never used a serger before I would recommend you go over them first.

Brother really understand their target buyer for this sewing machine. In fact, many people have been serging within a half hour of unpacking this machine despite having never tried before - that’s how precise the instructions are.

serger stitch typesA nice surprise is the 1034D also can use regular thread spools and needles. This means if you have an existing sewing machine you can just swap these between the two.

As far as fabric choice goes, whatever you’re working on now should work - upholstery, frills, edging, etc.

The bottom line: The Brother 1034D Lay-In Thread Serger is one of the best sewing machine deals around. You will get professional level results at mainstream prices, and have a blast doing it.

Order the Brother 1034D 3/4 Lay-In Thread Serger from Amazon

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Best Sewing Machine for Travel and Portability

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A common need I’ve run across is having a portable sewing machine. While not necessarily your primary sewing machine, these can be the best sewing machine for backup use or as a spare machine. They are small and can even go on vacations or to conventions with you.

In the portable sewing machine category I have two recommendations:

For basic repairs and simple tasks go with the Mini Rex Cordless Sewing Machine.  You can sew all kinds of fabrics and even craft paper.  It’s a double stitch ultra portable, weighing only 2 pounds and measuring 9.3 x 4 x 7.5 inches.  Easy to carry around the house or even tuck away in your travel luggage. This is the best sewing machine for students living away from home.

The Mini Rex has many of the features you would find on a standard size machine but at a fraction of the size.  I bought one to take with me when I travel and I’ve found that I actually use it quite a bit a home for small projects that I don’t want to get out the big machine for. It runs on batteries too.

If you’re looking for a higher end machine for professional use on the go I highly recommend the Reliable Portable Walking Foot Zig-Zag Sewing Machine.  It’s commercial quality for the mainstream.

Great for small business owners and serious hobbyists.  This is basically an industrial quality machine, but in a 8.5 x 15.5 x 12.5 footprint. People are running deals for it online so it’s underpriced right now. You’ll find it for under $500 - what other machine can offer industrial needle size fittings, 1/4″ clearance, and 4 stitches an inch, AND be the size of roughly a shoe box?

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