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What Is The Best Sewing Machine For You?

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If you’re just starting out sewing it can be as confusing as it is exciting. There’s so many new ideas and techniques - was that supposed to be a topstich or an edgestich there?? - it’s hard enough by itself.

Throw in trying to figure out what’s the best sewing machine to buy, and well, you’ve got a mess on your hands!

Before we figure out the best sewing machine for you let me tell you a little about myself, and how I got my first sewing machine.

I grew up watching my grandmother knit and sew, and have many happy memories about that. When I was in my 20’s I decided to start sewing too. Simple things at first like maybe hand stitching some ripped clothes or making a small fabric cover.

This was okay until one spring day I wanted a new purse. I had found a good Simplicity pattern but had a problem: the thought of stitching it up by hand wasn’t appealing. Sure it would be fun, but it would take too long, and besides - if I had the best sewing machine for me, I could not only make the purse, I could also make a new slip cover, a new blouse, a new shirt for my husband… you get the picture!

So where to find my new sewing machine? We live in a small town so there was only one store that would possibly carry sewing machines. Unfortunately, they did not so we had to drive 35 minutes to another town to go buy one. Looking at all the different options is when the problem hit..

How on earth was I supposed to choose what’s the best sewing machine for what I needed?

They had four different brands of sewing machines. Some where way over my budget, and some just looked too cheap. I wanted something that would last but not break my budget. Some were computerized and looked far too complex - I just wanted to make a purse, not launch a space shuttle!

With a headache coming on, and the thought of driving back home to look online AND driving back, I made a gamble. Pick a cheaper one and hope it works. Normally I would have ordered online but needed to finish over the weekend, so there was no choice.

Turns out the sewing machine I got wasn’t very good for what I needed. It jammed up too much and the pedal worked sporadically. I had to end up returning it after researching the best sewing machine for me. I was only looking to make simple patterns too, not quilting. If you have decided on a sewing machine and feel like you are ready to begin quilting there are plenty of places you can find discount fabric online. You will need that if that’s your project.

Anyway, I’ve made this site to help you easily find the best sewing machine possible without making the mistakes I did. Whatever your skill or budget I’m sure you’ll be able to find the best sewing machine for your projects.

Good luck and Happy Sewing!

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