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Quilting Sewing Machines

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Quilting is a technique used to make quilts and sometimes similar products. There are several ways and methods of quilting which can be done to achieve similar results. Sewing machines are not a quilting necessity. Quilting is usually completed by starting from the middle, and moving outwards towards the edges of the quilt.

But by using the right sewing machine it generally tends to be the quickest and least tiresome option. However it can set you back by quite a significant amount unless you browse around numerous sellers before investing in anything.

History Of Quilting Sewing Machines

The first evidence of quilting ever being done was in Asia in the first century AD. This was essentially the exact same technique used now-a-days and quilting was done for the same purpose then as it is now. Layers of material would be sewn together in order to make something which can provide more warmth. Ancient Egyptian sculptures show figures which appear to be wearing quilted clothing, possibly for warmth in the chilly desert evenings. From this we can see the incredible history of quilting and see that surprisingly, it dates back from an extremely long time ago.

From it’s humble roots we see that quilting has come a long way!

Machine quilting is the process which uses either a home sewing machine or a longarm machine to sew the layers together. When using a sewing machine, the layers which are to be sewn are firstly tacked together before the quilting process. This involves laying all of the layers out on a flat surface and either pinning or tacking the layers together. This process ensures they remain in the exact right place when sewing them together using the sewing machine, for ultimate precision.

Longarm Quilting is quite dissimilar as it involves placing the layers on a special frame. The frame has bars which the layers are then rolled around. This means that the layers can be kept together without the need for tacking or pinning. These frames are used with a professional sewing machine mounted on a platform.

The final method of quilting is hand quilting which just involves stitching the layers together with a needle and thread by hand.

Quilting Accessories

A new accessory for sewing machines has recently been introduced to the market to improve patchwork and quilting experiences. It is called “The Big Foot”. Now this name may sound odd but it is called this for a reason. The big foot is an accessory which fits onto the sewing machine. It was designed to give more control with free-motion when quilting or when doing embroidery. This product normally sells at around $30 to $40 depending on the retailer and the size as a smaller option is also available to buy, this is slightly cheaper in price.

Who Makes A Good Quilting Machine?

Janome is debatably the best sewing machine manufacturer - see all Janome sewing machine reviews - specializes in designing, making then selling sewing machines that are great for quilting. Some examples of this are the Janome 6600P, Janome DXL603, Janome QXL605 and Janome Pro 5000Q. The price of these sewing machines ranges from $80 to about $900. This is very reasonable as they promise to provide an excellent quilting experience.

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Best Sewing Machine for Free-motion Quilting

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Free-motion quilting can be very taxing on your sewing machine. Sometimes the work is just too large to fit, or the sewing machine’s arm can’t quite make it through.

The Bernina Activa series has some good quilters in it, but they can be unwieldy at larger size work. Look at the Bernina Activa 145S or Bernina Activa 125. Bernina also makes the Artista 730E or 630 which have a stitch regulator for free motion use. They are complex machines, but will do the job.

The Singer 301 is also a good choice. It has lots of adjustments and a powerful action so it can sew through multiple layers at a time. It could be the

The Viking Sapphire 870Q has some good and bad. It was made for free motion quilting, but some people don’t like it for quality reasons. I’ve had mixed feelings about some of Viking’s machines, but some people swear by them. Try them out before buying.

There are a couple of other machines made just for quilting. Pfaff makes a Quilt Expression series that let you ratchet down the arm speed for free motion quilting.

All in all, the best sewing machine to do free-motion quilting would be a specific model built just for quilting. If you like the Bernina’s I would recommend them - many people have had great experiences with the brand, and the Activa series are very feature packed.

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