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All About Husqvarna Sewing Machines

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Husqvarna Sewing Machines is a company who are now go by the name VSM Group which stands for Viking Sewing Machines. It is a company which is based in Huskvarna; this can be located in Sweden. It first began producing sewing machines in the year 1872. However Husqvarna was in fact originally a military based company which was actually founded in the year 1689 to produce muskets for the Swedish Army. Since this the company Husqvarna has grown in size and now produces items for a much wider range of people. This means that they are now able to gain much higher profits than before due to this increase in size of their target audience. Its production has since changed to weapons, sewing machines, kitchen equipment, bicycles, motorcycles, lawn mowers, chainsaws and construction products.

The company is known all over the world for designing, making and selling what is commonly referred to as “smart sewing machines”. These models are computerized sewing machines which sold under the brands called Husqvarna and Pfaff. The least expensive range of sewing machines Husqvarna Sewing Machines do is the mechanical sewing machine collection these are not computerized and called Huskystars. In contrast to this, the most expensive range of sewing machines from this company is known as The Designer series. This range of sewing machine offer a selection of great features, which can be expected because these sewing machines do cost slightly more than the others that Husqvarna have to offer.

The workers of Husqvarna Viking like to feel as if they are close to their clients and uphold a tight relationship with each and every client individually by tailoring to their personal needs and offering opportunities which are not on offer from their competitors. They attempt to achieve this by doing more than just supplying a service or terrific produce. Their sewing machines are designed to be easy and fun to use and to inspire the creativity within each and every client. They also hold quilting competitions amongst their customers, as well as developing and arranging quilt exhibits. They do this in hope to promote quilting amongst budding sewers, experienced quilters and the general public who are brand new to the mere concept of quilting. They also do this to boost the number of sales of Husqvarna Viking sewing machines which has proven a different technique yet rather successful. The range of sewing machines offered by Husqvarna that specialize in quilting have unique features that make quilting more simple, therefore a more pleasurable experience on the whole for the user.

The other types of machines retailed by Husqvarna include; embroidery machines, overlock machines, embellishing machines as well as a few more machine types. There is also a large amount of accessories for your machine that is on offer to purchase. The list of accessories comprises of various foot types such as elastic, gathering and piping. In addition to this you can also buy overlock needle threaders, needle inserters, needle plates, lower blades, upper blades, waste trays and more. These accessories make sewing just that little bit more user-friendly and less time consuming.

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