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Best Sewing Machine for Drapes

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Making drapes can be an exciting hobby or a profitable business. Creating the best designs to go in a room is one thing - making sure you can sew them is another! There’s a few things to consider when making drapes. What is the best sewing machine for making drapes?

Drapes are heavy duty items if constructed well. Going from just that I would say, in general, an industrial or commercial grade machine would be good. If you don’t need or can’t find an industrial machine don’t worry! Many good commercial sewing machines will do just as well.

One feature you might easily overlook is making sure the gears inside are metal. This is where the heavy duty drape fabric will tax your machine. Metal gearing here will provide the right pull and make sure the stitching goes well. Also, metal gears are less likely than plastic gears to break. The best sewing machine you have isn’t very useful if it’s in for repairs when a new drape order comes in!

If you’re looking to also put on decorative stitching on your new drapes, make sure your machine has selectable patterns. A recommendation on the best sewing machine here is tough to make. Some industrial models will not have the decorative stitches you’re in-visioning, while some of the “200 stitches included” sewing machines are not sturdy enough for this heavy duty use.

For specific machines, I would say something like a Juki would be good. If it provides too much pull or is too hard to control, consider an older Kenmore or Benina. Many of their models are built extremely well, can sew through most heavy duty textiles, and are a joy to use. They both make what I would consider to be the best sewing machine well suited for drapery.

Happy sewing!

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