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The Best Sewing Machine with Electronic Controls - Singer 7442

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Singer 7442 - the best Sewing Machine with simple electronic controlsThe Singer 7442 is the best sewing machine with basic electronic controls. Coming in as a top of it’s class machine in the price range, the 7442 is a good all around starter sewing machine.

It has 30 different types of available stitches, all consistently electronically controlled. The 7442 sews very well across common fabrics, household projects, and makes great buttonholes too.

Sturdy construction for the price, the 7442 has a drop-in bobbin and an automatic needle threader. In fact Singer calls it the “6-Second Threading System.”

Singer has the name of what many experts consider to the best sewing machine brand, and the 7442 is a good addition to their lineup. This machine will be able to handle what most people throw at it, and is sure to let you make a variety of projects.

Order the Singer 7442 Electronic Sewing Machine today!

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The Best Sewing Machine for Beginners - Brother XL-2600i

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If you’re just getting into sewing this is the best sewing machine to start out on. It has 25 different stitches - this is enough to covers most common patterns. One of them is even an automatic button hole! Very useful.

As for the workings, it has an easy to thread needle and quick-change presser feet. The bobbin is a standard drop-in bobbin - no problems there. The XL-2600i can work on many different common fabrics from pillowcases to heavy slipcovers.

This is a light weight model and comes with 3 all purpose needles.

Brother is a good manufacturer of some of the best sewing machines using mechanical selection, and the XL-2600i is a fine machine for people who need a simple sewing machine to get going with. Order the Brother XL-2600i from Amazon.

The 25 different types of stitches. You select the one you want with a dial on the case, and it does the rest.

Tip - You can get a good storage case to prevent the machine from getting beat up when not in use, and if you have any fraying problems check the bottom tension. The manual is also very helpful.

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