Some of the Best Sewing Machine Possible: A 1915 Singer in Action

From ron989.

This sewing machine is almost 100 years old but look at it go! The stitching seems tight, I bet it it still has a good solid bobbin, and it runs well. Many people believe that Singer makes the best sewing machine possible, and it’s hard to argue they are quality built.

Ever since the first sewing machine was made in the 19th century the design has been improving but the fundamentals have stayed the same. Sure, you can get computer controlled models, and stronger actions, but at it’s heart the sewing machine is still the same. I find it interesting. If you were to compare the end result from this antique sewing machine to the result of the best sewing machine today, most people couldn’t tell the difference. That’s a testament to the strength of this craft, and also shows how when you’re buying new sewing machines you’re buying features to make the act of sewing easier on you!

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2 Responses to “Some of the Best Sewing Machine Possible: A 1915 Singer in Action”

  1. Catherine

    hah, yeah. my mother has one of them. those things are beasts.

  2. paul

    HI, how do you thread the bobbin?
    i have just bought one and and cant get it to thread?

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