Computerized Sewing Machines

Older and more basic sewing machines work a little differently to the modern machine. Today’s new and more technologically advanced home sewing machines come equipped with built-in computers, as well as a small monitor display which makes for easier operation and control.

In these types of models the computer is directly in control of numerous different motors. The motors that the computer controls precisely moves several things including; needle bar, the tensioning discs, the feed dog and other elements in the machine. With this detailed and definite control, it is now possible to produce a very vast range of various different stitches and stitch patterns.

The computer is also solely responsible for driving the motors at just the right speed enabling the needle bar to move up and down, as well as from side to side in any particular stitch pattern. Typically in a computerized sewing machine the computer within it is programmed for many different stitches which are stored digitally in a removable memory disk or the cartridge.

There is a very advanced feature which has only recently come into play; the sewing-machine computer is also able to connect up to a PC in order to download even more patterns directly from the Internet.

Some electronic sewing machines do also have the ability to create complex embroidery patterns, similarly to the computerized sewing machine. However, these machines have a fixed motorized work area that has the job of holding the fabric in a certain place underneath the needle assembly. This is what allows electronic sewing machines to achieve the same precise and very detailed stitches and stitch patterns. More often than not electronic sewing machines also come accompanied with a series of sensors, these tell the computer how all of the machine components are positioned.

If the work area is carefully moved forward, backward and side to side, followed with an adjustment of the needle assembly to vary the stitching style, the computer can then produce an infinite number of elaborate shapes and lines.

Unlike the computerized sewing machine the electronic sewing machine user has to load a pattern from their memory or create and develop an original idea, and the computer does almost everything else. The computer prompts the sewer to replace the thread or make any other adjustments when necessary.

These two machines are very similar, modern and up to date.

Obviously, the computerized sewing machine is an extremely high-tech sewing machine that is clearly a lot more complex than the fully manual sewing machines of 200 years ago. Surprisingly they are both built around the same simple stitching system which is as follows. A needle passes a loop of thread through a piece of fabric, where it is wound around another length of thread. This, at the time unique and genius, method was one of those rare, inspired ideas that changed the world forever. Without it there would not be hundreds of products, businesses, jobs available and things that have been made from the sewing machines, which again is a lot of items.

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