Viking Platinum 955e


Perhaps you have looked at professional stitching then wished to make them as well? You possibly can make several varieties of joins because of the flexible needle position. You can modify the presser foot pressure in order to make sewing a variety of materials a cinch. Sewing machines similar to this are great with many different tasks.

As commonly seen, the Viking Platinum 955E features a changeable length and width for all of it's seams. You will see an excellent, sturdy computer within that easily offers you an excellent stitch.

The top drop-in bobbin is very easy to view as well as change. As an embroidery machine, the Viking Platinum 955E makes embroidery a snap. Selecting what kind of embroidering stitch is straightforward when using the many stitch types this sewing machine gives. The free arm in the Viking Platinum 955E enables you to sew items like pant leg holes.

The actual free arm is definitely strong and works well. The integrated needle threader will make initial threading effortless.

By setting the needle's stopping place you can make elaborate patterns very easily. If you'd like to make outfits the incorporated buttonhole function can help you save a lot of time.

Good Things Other People Say About This Model

The sewing community love this sewing machine and would recommend it. Experienced sewers love this machine and the end result.

Shopping For The Viking Platinum 955E

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SLIDE COVER PLATE # 4124591-01 Genuine Husqvarna Viking Platinum 950E 955E Plus $9.95
NEEDLE THREADER Hook Husqvarna Viking Platinum 715 730 735 750 755 950E 955E + $22.95
BOBBIN CASE RETAINER Stopper Genuine Husqvarna Viking Platinum 715 730 735 955E $11.95
BOBBINS (10,20,50,100ct) Plastic Husqvarna Viking Platinum 955E 950E 775 770 750 $12.50
SPOOL CAP Large Husqvarna Viking Platinum 755 Quilt 770 775 950E 955E Plus Iris $9.50
SPOOL CAP Small Husqvarna Viking Platinum 955E Plus Scandinavia 100 200 300 400 $9.50