If you put together elaborate stitches, it's also very easy to modify the needle inside of this model. The presser foot can certainly stitch bulky fabrics. With lots of stitch alterations, you are able to sew easier.

Gain great control using the flexible length and width in the final stitch size. Like various other modern day sewing machines, this one runs quiet and requires significantly less routine maintenance than older style machines.

The free arm on the Viking 230 enables you to sew things like pant leg holes. When you need to make this happen, little else comes close to being as useful as a free arm. Like to make complicated designs? Then having the ability to switch the needle up and down setting will make life easier. You do not have to use this feature though.

Good Things Other People Say About This Model

Most love this machine and the end result. Online reviews like that the free arm motion works well. Many seamsters think the feed dog works well.

Shopping For The Viking 230

Items available on eBay. Prices are last bid amounts.
Viking Husqvarna 230 Sewing Machine $40.00
Husqvarna Viking 230 Electric Sewing Machine Made In Sweden $58.00
Husqvarna Viking Cover Plate 4123616-01 Fit S215 S225 S230 S250 S350 S400 S500 $5.49
BOBBINS (10,20,50,100ct) Plastic Husqvarna Viking 250 230 225 215 210 205 Lisa + $68.50
BOBBINS (10,20,50,100ct) Plastic Husqvarna Viking 250 230 225 215 210 205 Lisa + $10.50