Does Viking Make the Best Sewing Machine for you? All Viking Sewing Machine Reviews

About Viking Sewing Machines

Viking is a company that goes by the name Husqvarna Viking and offer a sublime range of sewing machines. They come in many different types to provide the ideal solution to every customer’s desired attributes in a sewing machine. Although they have fierce competition Viking never fail to provide the most up to date selection of products.

Husqvarna Viking offers an extensive range of accessories for their sewing machines. Examples of the type of accessories on offer to buy are embroidery d-cards as well as stitch d-cards. Both of these come with a 10% discount if purchased online on certain sites. They also sell sewing machine light bulbs. These are reasonably cheap and are 220 volt bayonet bulb suitable for most mechanical Husqvarna sewing machines. Viking also does a variety of spares and extra pieces of pretty much everything, especially needles. There are a very vast range of different types, lengths and sized needles on offer by Viking. There are also additional leads available to purchase through Viking.

The cheapest Viking sewing machines are priced at around $195. This is an extremely reasonable price for the quality provided by this particular Viking sewing machine. The model is called the Viking Husqvarna E10. It is a sturdy and very reliable machine that will cater for all of your basic sewing needs and requirements. It delivers beautiful stitches with up to 50 stitch patterns. These fun, detailed and varied stitch designs include utility stitches, decorative stitches, stretch stitches and an easy 4-step buttonhole. It was designed in Sweden and is said to have a distinctive and eye-catching look which is complemented and exaggerated by the covers that is available to purchase with this particular sewing machine from Viking. Now let’s turn to the higher end of the spectrum regarding the prices of Viking sewing machines. Although it may seem an extremely large amount of money upon first appearance especially for a sewing machine, the most expensive sewing machine of the Viking models costs approximately $3,177. However when compared with other sewing machine companies this figure now seems somewhat reasonable.

The model that is the most expensive in the Viking range of sewing machines is the Viking Husqvarna Topaz 30. This is very user friendly as it allows for extra arm space when sewing, resulting in the availability of more movement causing for better sewing. This one comes with hundreds of inspired stitches to provide for every need concerning stitching. This sewing machine was designed by Viking to have the latest technologic and advanced features currently available. An example of this is the unique Exclusive Sensor System technology which senses the fabric thickness for perfect and even feeding. Then another example is the exclusive Sewing Advisor feature which optimizes the entire sewing experience. An evidently popular characteristic for sewing machines to have is the USB Embroidery Stick conveniently transferring designs between a PC and the Designer Topaz sewing and embroidery machine. These are just some of the great features added onto this favorite model of sewing machine by Viking.

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