Singer Quantum Cxl


The presser foot can certainly sew bulky fabrics. It's also possible to adjust your stitches sizing according to what type of task you are working with. This machine addionally includes an automated threader which will actually is useful.

Producing complex tasks is easy because this sewing machine is actually computer controlled. Embroidery projects are pretty straight forward since this Singer Quantum CXL can do embroidering quickly.

You can easily hold down all of your material with it's hook adjustments. A handful of sewers find these complicated though, and may be overlooked. We like the button holes this unique model makes. If you have kids, this usually means you make clothing for them much easier.

Making button pockets is not difficult - use your built-in hole feature.

Good Things Other People Say About This Model

Also most people love this sewing machine and would recommend it. A few reviews love this machine and the end result. The sewing community say it has beautiful stitches. Many online reviews say it is an easy to use machine both to operate and maintain. Reviewers find it to be a great machine at this price. Some people love this machine and the end result. Reviews think it's fun to operate.

Shopping For The Singer Quantum CXL

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10 each BOBBIN METAL, #283395 fits SINGER QUANTUM CXL, XL1, XL10, XL50 $9.85
SHANK SNAP-ON #387505 fits SINGER QUANTUM XL1, CXL, XL100, XL150, XL5000 $32.95
NEEDLE THREADER Hook Singer DSXII Professional SX Quantum CXL LE XL1 XL100 SX100 $13.95
SINGER Walking Quilting Foot Quantum 386020 XL150 CXL Xl1000 XL5000 Xl6000 $34.99
Darning Embroidery Foot for SINGER Quantum CXL,XL100,XL1000,XL150,XL5000,XL6000 $22.95
Spool Cap Lead off for Singer QUANTUM CXL & XL1 Fits Brother Spool Pins #283024 $4.99