Stitching fine materials is simple and this machine will not likely tear them up. Like many other sewing machines, the Singer 6235 has a customizable width and length for it's seams. This lets you customize your seams.

Quick changes in between thread type as well as color are not a challenge when it comes to the auto threading through the Singer 6235. Instantly find out how much thread is still left as you sew simply by looking at the drop-in bobbin.

You simply won't do fine hand embroidering with this model. Your finished stitching will look great with both selectable regular and embroidery stitching. stitching. Sewing large jobs are not a problem when using the free arm on this sewing machine.

While using built-in needle threader you are able to adjust threads easily. Since it has an built-in buttonhole stitch, producing garments is very easy.

Good Things Other People Say About This Model

Also most people say it is an easy to use machine both to operate and maintain. Some people appreciate the computerized control that assures even and straight stitches each time. Reviews appreciate the computerized control that assures even and straight stitches each time. Many love this machine and the end result. Many seamsters say it's solid construction leads to fewer breakdowns. Experienced sewers find it to be reliable and consistent.

Shopping For The Singer 6235

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