Singer 5825


No more plain straight stitches - the adjustable needle position on the Singer 5825 allows for different end results. For starters, the Singer 5825 includes an adjustable width and length for all of it's seams. This feature allows you to customize the finished look.

And not to mention, you get a drop-in bobbin mechanism. This is a helpful feature.

The free arm on the Singer 5825 enables you to sew things such as pant legs.

Good Things Other People Say About This Model

The sewing community like that the free arm motion works well. Online reviews like that the free arm motion works well. Additionally many people love this machine and the end result.

Shopping For The Singer 5825

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Singer 5825C Sewing Machine, Case, and Accessories - READ DESCRIPTION $100.00
BOBBIN CASE # 421326 Singer 5814 5816 5817 5818 5820 5825 5830 5830C 5838 5910 $5.95
singer 5825c sewing machine with pedal and manual $60.00
BOBBINS (25,50,100 ct) # 172336 Plastic Singer 5825 5830 5838 5910 5932 6011 + $8.95
Singer CHAIN STITCH Needle Throat Plate #381488 5825, 5830, 5838, 6233, CM17 $7.16
Singer Sewing Machine 5825C Hook Assembly and Pulley $7.99