No more plain straight stitches - the adjustable needle position on the Singer 306W allows for different end results. You may also adjust the seams sizing based around what type of task that you are working with.

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You will love this machine and the end result.

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Singer Sewing Machine 306W Stitch Regulator Lever, Face Plate, Reverse Lever $14.99
Singer 306W Sewing Machine Light Assembly - Cover & Lens & Mount & Back Plate $17.99
Singer 306 W Sewing Machine Original All Purpose Throat Plate $9.99
Singer Sewing Machine 306W Attachments Set 160977 - 10 Feet & 3 Throat Plates $29.99
Singer Sewing Machine 306W Needle Clamp & Screws $9.99
Singer 306 W Sewing Machine Bight Control, Levers, other parts $24.99