Simplicity Sl 350


Stitching hefty corduroy or maybe lighter sheers? We're also pleased that the presser foot are easily changed on the Simplicity SL 350. You will save time stitching also using the high quality differential feed. Just about every type of material you've got to stitch can fit into this particular model.

It will be easy to sew pants and cuffs using the free arm motion from this machine. The Simplicity SL 350 really does great overlocking work using numerous threads simultaneously.

Which means you can make professional projects.

Good Things Other People Say About This Model

Most like that the free arm motion works well. The sewing community find it to be a great machine at this price.

Shopping For The Simplicity SL 350

Items available on eBay. Prices are last bid amounts.
Foot Pedal Control Simplicity SL200,350,370,390, SW432,803,804,804D,843,880,1000 $27.00
NEEDLE PLATE # 60993 Simplicity SL200 SL350 SL370 SL390 SL803 SL804 SL804D + $15.75
Simplicity SL350 Serger Sewing Machine $300.00
KNIFE # 412749 (#60544) Lower Blade Simplicity SL804 SL4300 SL4350D SL200 SL350 $5.85
CORD Lead Power Simplicity SL1400 SL200 SL350 SL370 SL390 SL4300 SL432 SL4350D + $17.95
FOOT CONTROL PEDAL # FC-YUK3S W/Cord Simplicity SL6220 SL350 SL370 SL390 SL4300 $28.95