Simplicity 1170


There are many adjustments possible for stitch size within this machine. Because of this, you'll discover it easier to sew a wide variety fabrics. The free arm on the Simplicity 1170 lets you sew open fabric including pant legs because it has a free arm.

When you need to get this done, little else comes close to being as useful as a free arm. If you wish to make apparel the incorporated buttonhole feature could help you save lots of time.

Good Things Other People Say About This Model

Online forums understand it's mechanical action means while it's not a fancy machine, it will last for decades. Experienced sewers say it's a really great sewing machine. Many find it to be a great machine at this price. Many seamsters think the feed dog works well.

Shopping For The Simplicity 1170

Items available on eBay. Prices are last bid amounts.
FOOT CONTROL PEDAL # 033770217 W/ Cord Simplicity S180 SL1170 White 1634 2220 + $35.95
FOOT CONTROL PEDAL W/ Cord Pfaff 1032 1040 1042 4220 4752 Simplicity S180 SL1170 $52.95
BOBBINS (25,50,100 ct) # 2518 Simplicity SL-415 SL-1000 SL-1150 SL-1170 SL-1200 $11.00
BOBBIN CASE No Backlash Simplicity SL237 SL415 SL1000 SL1150 SL1170 SL1200 + $12.95
BOBBINS (10,20,50,100) Plastic Simplicity SL415 SL1000 SL1150 SL1170 SL1200 + $19.75