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About Pfaff Sewing Machines

The company Pfaff was founded in Kaiserslautern which is a city in Germany, in the year 1862. It was founded by a man named Georg Michael Pfaff who was formally involved in the instrument making industry. He lived from the year 1823 to 1893. Pfaff's first sewing machine was entirely hand-made and designed to sew leather, to eventually be used worldwide in the industry of shoe making. Ten years after his first sewing machine, Pfaff was already producing around one thousand machines each year, with roughly 30 employees working for him in his factory. Jakob Pfaff, who was the eldest son of Georg Michael Pfaff, introduced advertising for Pfaff sewing machines and the sale figures rocketed like never before. Georg Pfaff, who happened to be the second son of the Founder, took over the management of the company after his father’s death in 1893 and expanded it further with great success; the factory now had over 1,000 employees. In 1910 Georg Pfaff presented the one millionth Pfaff sewing machine to the History Museum of Speyer. In 1999 the sewing machine manufacturer Pfaff in Karlsruhe was sold to the Swedish group, Husqvarna Viking. Then again in 2009 Pfaff got a new owner, Joachim Richter, who was the sole shareholder who had then decided to take full charge of the company. Pfaff have a promising future ahead of them in terms of sale figures and company size.

The Pfaff Sewing machine range encompasses sewing machines of many types; high-speed sewing machines, standard and specialized machines, automatic stitching units and sewing-mechanization equipment. The Zigzag models are an interesting range, some features of this model include: High flexibility for many different operations on materials, high seam quality due to the low thread tension values, quiet low-vibration run even at top speed, very good feed properties, fresh oil hook lubrication with precision adjustment and minimum material displacement because of the unique needle bar. These features are what make Pfaff Sewing machines stand out and lead the sewing industry. They are responsible for moulding our future of the sewing machine industry.

This absolutely outstanding reputation does of course mean the prices are a little steep. One of the finest quality sewing machines from Pfaff will set you back over $7,700! However this is for the most latest and high-tech sewing machine on the market at the moment and with nothing else like it coming from any competing manufacturers Pfaff are able to charge whatever price they deem suitable. There are obviously some Pfaff Sewing machines which are set at a more accessible price. These do also offer a sublime range of features and are also very up to date, however Pfaff are a well renowned company and for this they tend to charge moderately higher prices than perhaps over manufacturers. The best advice would be to look around at multiple sellers who offer Pfaff sewing machines as some retailers will offer shockingly low prices for sometimes the greatest quality products. This little bit of time spent on researching your desired sewing machine can be very beneficial and save you so much money.

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