Wondering the way quite a few stitches turn out so wonderful? It's needle adjustments enables you to produce a number of types of jobs. Need to sew heavy quilts or perhaps thick materials? Then you'll use the adjustable pressure foot on this particular machine. Only a few sewing machines have this.

By using both a variable stitch length and also stitch width, you will have full control over the spacing and strength of the stitch.

Good Things Other People Say About This Model

Many find this to be a real workhorse - it will not let you down in the middle of a project. Additionally many people find it be user friendly.

Shopping For The Necchi BU Nova

Items available on eBay. Prices are last bid amounts.
Necchi Bu Nova Sewing Machine /FOR PARTS OR REPAIR, READ $125.00
Necchi Bu Nova Sewing Machine with Cabinet and Bakelite Spool Holder! $200.00
BOBBIN CASE Necchi BF BU Nova European BU Mira Nelco 6102FB A-3 A-509-3 F-600 + $7.50
BOBBIN WINDER TIRE # 15287-A (2pk) O Ring Necchi BU Nova Supernova Simplicity + $5.25
LUG BELT 15" NECCHI BU,NOVA,512 LELIA, RICCAR RL613,RL613E,RL624, WHITE 999,1088 $7.70
HIGH SHNK PRESSER FEET SET * NECCHI Lidia, Super Nova,544 555 586 592 BU &.. $17.25