If you produce ornamental stitches, it is very very easy to switch the needle inside of this machine. It doesn't matter what type of styles you decide to work on you are able to use this process. Stitching fine fabrics is not hard and this machine just isn't going to rip them up.

As commonly seen, the Janome Memorycraft 7500 has a simple to change length and width for all of it's seams. This feature lets you customize the finished look for a better product.

Making challenging projects is not hard since this machine is actually computer controlled. Easily discover how much thread is remaining when you sew simply by checking drop-in bobbin. This is a handy feature. You won't worry about sensitive hand embroidery because of this model.

Creating embroidery is straightforward because Janome Memorycraft 7500 can perform embroidering very easily. The free arm in the Janome Memorycraft 7500 allows you to sew things such as pant leg holes.

The actual free arm is definitely strong and is very effective. The incorporated needle threader makes starting and changing thread very simple. It is possible to go back to a sewing project while using the needle up/down settings on this model. It is possible to create button holes on your own with this machine.

Doing clothing repairs has never been so cool. Doing button holes isn't hard - use your built-in hole feature.

Good Things Other People Say About This Model

Experienced sewers love this machine and the end result. Many online reviews find it to be a great machine at this price. Online forums say it is an easy to use machine both to operate and maintain. The sewing community enjoy the easy to use, simple interface means you won't be fighting your tools. In general, people like that the free arm motion works well. Additionally many people find it to be a great machine at this price.

Shopping For The Janome Memorycraft 7500

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Janome Memory Craft MC7000 / MC7500 / MC8000 Top Loading Bobbin Case - NEW Elna $26.16
Janome Sewing Machine Service Manual Memory Craft 7500 MC7500 $8.00