Janome 3022


Wanting to know exactly how some stitches turn out so nice? You may make many kinds of stitches with the adjustable needle placement. Plan to sew hefty quilts or thick fabrics? Then you'll have fun with the variable pressure foot on this machine. It's also possible to adjust your seams width based on the type of project you might be taking care of.

The Janome 3022 has got an internal computer for consistent outcomes. This makes it a little bit more expensive however.

Similar to a number of other modern day sewing machines, this one works quiet and requires less servicing than older style devices. This machine also incorporates a free arm motion like many other products in it's class. It is a great feature, and used to evaluate quality of any machine. This type of model contains a needle threader incorporated for you.

It can be worth investing in a machine only mainly because of the time saving functions. Save time and effort when creating challenging patterns since you can set your needle's up and down.

Producing outfits is very simple since there is a buttonhole stitch you can use. If you've ever made these types of holes manually you will know exactly how tricky it can be.

Good Things Other People Say About This Model

Most think it is one of the best sewing machines for beginners or people looking for an inexpensive model. Most would recommend this sewing machine to a friend.

Shopping For The Janome 3022

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NEEDLE THREADER Hook Janome NewHome 3022 4120QDC 7061NX 7330 Elna 520 eXperience $15.95
BOBBIN CASE Janome NewHome 3015 3018 3022 3023 3123 4052 4119 4123 4618 4623 + $25.95
SLIDE COVER PLATE Janome NewHome Sewist 500 Sew Precise 3022 3023 3123 2200 2040 $10.95
FOOT CONTROL PEDAL W/ Cord Janome NewHome Harmony 8048 8080 8077 HF3022 HF8048 + $110.95
BOBBINS (10,20,50,100 ct) Plastic Janome 2040 2041 2212 3022 Necchi EX30 TM8 + $8.75
BOBBINS (10,20,50,100 ct) Plastic Janome 2040 2041 2212 3022 Necchi EX30 TM8 + $12.25