Does Janome Make the Best Sewing Machine for you? All Janome Sewing Machine Reviews

About Janome Sewing Machines

Janome is a sewing machine company that was formally known as New Home. It is said to be, by many people probably the best range of sewing machines on the open market at the moment. Their main competitor is a Sewing Machine company called Brother. There are many great machines in the Janome range a couple of great budget Janome sewing machines now available include the Janome 3822 sewing machine and the Simplicity sewing machine. The Janome sewing machine prices range from a reasonable $190 to a shocking $7,335.

The Janome Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition is the most expensive Janome sewing machine. It builds upon the amazingly precise sewing and embroidery of the previous model called Memory Craft 11000. It is an improvement on this as it has had added to it a host of new features including the new AcuFil Quilting System to take quilting to a new level like no other that has ever been seen before. A distinctive feature of it is the movable i-height touch screen. The Memory Craft 11000 SE has an entire range of features that are simply unavailable on any other machine. Its unique carriage arm embroidery system gives incredibly precise stitch quality. The AcuFil Quilting System goes beyond the already very advanced and intricate embroidery designs on quilt tops. This particular component of the sewing machine makes it the ultimate quilting machine. You are also able to input your quilt size with the AcuFil Calculator. This is a feature which calculates and lays out the stippling or quilting to perfectly cover your entire top. It also allows the user to choose from dozens of embroidery quilting designs and stippling patterns to customize your quilt top to your individual preferences and taste. The Digitizer embroidery software is an optional characteristic. It takes layout possibilities a step further with all-new quilting functionality. The AcuFil Print Tool lets you connect your Janome MC 11000 Special Edition through an exclusive direct PC connection to send your designs to your computer so a complete template can be printer. These are just a few of the many mind-blowing concepts of the Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition by Janome.

At the Janome shop, including the online shop, a selection of sewing machines are on offer, such as; overlockers, sewing machines specializing in embroidery and many other various models to choose from. They also supply a seemingly endless list of accessories, just to name a few there are; cutting scissors, needles, thread, bobbins, downloadable embroidery designs, software, feed and attachments. As well as this they also cater for sewers who are new to the sewing industry by providing sewing courses. They also offer sewing tips and hints. On the Janome website you can find many exhibitions and local events that are taking place near you. This will give you the chance to experience something new and different within the sewing industry. It provides you with a large amount of fun and more ideas, techniques and advice for sewing.

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