Europro 9110 Shark Intelli Sew


Perhaps you have attempted to produce professional stitches in the past? It's needle adjustments permits you to help make several different types of work. You can adjust it's presser foot pressure with the included guides. These changes make sewing different patterns a breeze.

These feet are also can be changed depending on what type of fabric you are working on. As expected, the Europro 9110 Shark Intelli SEW comes with an adjustable length and width for each of it's seams.

This allows you to personalize your seams easily. You can forget about hassle when you're thinking of changing thread because the auto threading on this model takes care of it. The Europro 9110 Shark Intelli SEW is computer managed which means you get a good trustworthy stitch despite what fabric you use. This will make it a little more expensive though.

Because there's a great bobbin, you'll be able to sew a lot more projects easily. This kind of model is useful as a possible embroidering machine.

You can sew many different types of fabrics as well as embroider with this particular machine. Using the free arm here, you'll be able to sew jeans and also trouser cuffs comfortably. Get going with your job swiftly because there's an internal needle threader. It is simple to resume a sewing task while using needle up/down options on this model.

Making a buttonhole on clothes is easy also.

Good Things Other People Say About This Model

Reviews enjoy the easy to use, simple interface means you won't be fighting your tools. Experienced sewers would recommend this sewing machine to a friend. Reviewers usually say it is an easy to use machine both to operate and maintain. Reviews say it comes with an easy to read manual. People find that the helpful manual will answer your questions.

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Shark Euro-Pro Intelli-Sew Computerized Sewing Machine Model 9110 $199.99
Shark Euro-Pro Intelli-Sew Model 9110 Computerized Sewing Machine $99.00