Europro 7133 Shark


A number of attractive stitches are really possible using the adjustable needle position on this particular sewing machine. Even though you just do fixes, this can be a useful option for you. You can change the presser foot pressure to help make sewing various materials a cinch.

Because of this it is a really good multi-purpose sewing machine. To start with, the Europro 7133 Shark has an adjustable width and length for it's seams.

This allows you to personalize the fabric's seams easily. Sewing big work is no hassle using the free arm on this sewing machine. Starts and pauses while working are taken care of nicely using the needle threader. You can actually create button holes on your own with this machine.

When you've got kids, this usually means you produce clothing for them a lot easier. Now this model can make your button hole on it's own by simply choosing it.

Good Things Other People Say About This Model

Online reviews say it has a good manual, and it answers many questions. Reviewers say it is an easy to use machine both to operate and maintain. Some people that it works perfect. Additionally many people think it is one of the best sewing machines for beginners or people looking for an inexpensive model. The sewing community say it's a reasonably priced sewing machine.

Shopping For The Europro 7133 Shark

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Shark Euro pro x 7133 Sewing Machine 30 Days Warranty $99.99
BOBBIN CASE No Backlash EuroPro Omega Shark 7133 7142 9110 Husqvarna Viking 140 $16.95
BOBBIN CASE EuroPro Omega Shark 362C 384 420 801B 991 1262 1262D 7133 7142 9110 $9.95
FOOT CONTROL Euro Pro Omega Shark 415,420,762XH,6130,7100,7132,7133,7142,7500 $25.50