Elna 744


Regardless of what type of fabric you use, the machine should certainly work on it. Just like a number of other useful sewing machines, you can adjust the presser foot on the Elna 744. You can make large or small stitches with this model.

Speedy adjustments in between thread style and color are not a difficulty with the auto threading through the Elna 744. When using the coverstitch feature, you can create garments which are exactly like shelf bought ready to wears! You can expect to enjoy the differential feed.

Every type of material you've got to sew could fit into this particular model. The built-in needle threader helps make starting up and adjusting thread so easy. Creating cute clothes and stitches is not hard with the serging features in this particular model. Sergers usually are what professionals work with to make clothes.

The Elna 744 can make rolled hems to provide your finished product a professional look.

Good Things Other People Say About This Model

A few reviews love the included features and adjustments it offers. Also most people love this machine and the end result. The sewing community love this machine and the end result. In general, people find it to be a great machine at this price.

Shopping For The Elna 744

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Elna 704 744 Taping "Q" Serger Presser Foot $19.95
Set of 4 Elna 704 744 Serger Presser Foot Taping Piping Gathering Blindhem $49.95
Elna 704 744 904 905 925 945 Serger Waste Trim Bin Holder $19.95
KNIFE Upper Blade Elna 634 744 744DEX 745 845 + $18.95
ELNA SERGER 704DEX, 744DEX, 925DCX, 945DCX, NEEDLE PLATE PART#396013-65 $47.49
Elna 704 744 Pearl Piping "P" Serger Presser Foot $19.95