Elna 6600


Curious about just how many stitches turn out so wonderful? You may make numerous styles of joins with the variable needle position. No more difficulties stitching hefty fabric with the variable presser foot pressure. Not many sewing machines have this.

It's also possible to change the stitches measurements based on which kind of project you happen to be working with. While using the auto threading on this machine, it can very easily make use of a number of thread colors.

You will discover it provides a reliable variety of consistent stitching for all of your jobs. Just like various other current sewing machines, this one operates quiet and needs much less servicing than older style equipment. There are many different stitches you could choose including extravagant embroidering choices. Much like some other matching models, this model features a free arm sewing motion.

It is a useful feature, and used for you to evaluate quality of your machine. When using the built-in needle threader you can change threads easily.

You can actually resume a sewing project while using needle up/down settings on this model. While using the built-in single step buttonhole, you may create buttonholes effortlessly.

Good Things Other People Say About This Model

Many find it to never miss a stitch and appreciate it's reliability.

Shopping For The Elna 6600

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Needle Threader Elna 3210,5100,520 eXperience,6001,6200,6600,7200 # 755643002 $12.40
Power Lead Cord Elna 3210,3230,5100,6001,6003,6200,6600,7100,7200,8006,8007,9006 $11.95
Bobbin Case Elna 6600,8006 eXperience 620,660,eXperience 520,540,eXplore 320,340 $32.90
ELNA Sewing Machine Sew Steady LARGE DELUXE Extension Table $119.00
ELNA Sewing Machine ULTIMATE Sew Steady Extension Table - Choose Model 18 X 24 $149.00
ELNA Sewing Machine NEW - Sew Steady Quilter's Wish Extension Table $149.00