Brother Xr 65


As it has an adjustable needle position you will be able to create a great deal of designs. There are many controls possible for stitch sizing within this machine. Subsequently, you will find it simple to sew lots of garments.

You can forget about trouble when you are changing thread since the auto threading in this particular model does it. If you have ever used a machine that actually includes this kind of function, you're going to be surprised by just how handy this can be.

You'll love how easy the drop-in bobbin on the Brother XR 65 is to operate. There are many distinct stitches you could choose including fancy embroidery options. The free arm in the Brother XR 65 means that you can sew items like pant leg holes. When you need to make this happen, very little else compares to being as useful as a free arm.

Unsurprisingly, the Brother XR 65 has a built-in needle threader. This can be a handy feature.

We like the button holes this particular machine makes. Doing clothing repairs has never been so cool. This particular model can even make your button hole on it's own just by selecting it.

Good Things Other People Say About This Model

Many online reviews love this sewing machine and would recommend it. Reviewers usually love this machine and the end result. Reviewers find it to be one of the best sewing machines they have used. Experienced sewers love this sewing machine and would recommend it. Online reviews love this machine and the end result. Many would recommend this sewing machine to a friend. Reviewers usually think it's fun to operate. Reviews think it's fun to operate.

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