Brother Pe 180d


Because there is an incorporated instant threader, you can just change colors using a Brother PE 180D. Its built-in computer will prevent bad stitches, giving you great results whenever. You can actually replace the bobbin on this machine.

No more difficulty with hand embroidering since this is a good embroidering machine. Even though you do embroidery you will find a selectable option for you.

And as hoped for, you get a needle threader on the machine. It can be truly worth choosing a machine just due to the time saving functions.

Good Things Other People Say About This Model

A few reviews love this sewing machine and would recommend it. A few reviews love this machine and the end result. Most find it to be a great machine at this price. Online forums enjoy the easy to use, simple interface means you won't be fighting your tools.

Shopping For The Brother PE 180D

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SLIDE COVER PLATE Brother PC7000 PC7500 PC8000 PC8895 PE100 PE150 PE150V PE180D $9.95
Box Of 25 Bobbins Brother CS8072,PE100,PE150,PE180D,PE200,PE300, PE400D#SA155 $12.50
POWER Cord flat Fig8 Cable Used for Brother PE-150 PE-180D PE200 Sewing Machine $5.95
4 Embroidery Hoops Brother PE100/150/170D/180D/19D/200 Baby Lock EM1/EM2/Accent $89.75
SPOOL CAP Large 1 3/4" Brother PC8000 PC8200 PC8500 PC8895 PE100 PE150 PE180D + $7.50
BOBBINS (10,25,50 ct) # 136492-001 Plastic Brother PE100 PE150 PE180D PE200 + $6.50