No more plain straight stitches - the adjustable needle position on the Bernina 930 allows for different end results. Stitching fragile materials is straightforward and this machine will not rip them up. As you would expect, the Bernina 930 uses a selectable length and width for each of it's seams.

It's got a number of very good embroidering functions also. You can choose from a wide variety of embroidery and regular.

stitches. The free arm in the Bernina 930 lets you sew such things as pant leg holes. With the ability to alter the needle up/down setting on the Bernina 930 comes in handy.

Good Things Other People Say About This Model

Also most people say it is an easy to use machine both to operate and maintain. Reviewers think the feed dog works well. Many online reviews find it to be reliable and consistent. Also most people think the feed dog works well. Online forums say it has beautiful stitches.

Shopping For The Bernina 930

Items available on eBay. Prices are last bid amounts.
Bernina 930 Electronic Sewing Machine $400.00
WALKING FOOT for BERNINA OLD STYLE 830 930 many models $67.49
BERNINA 1630 #1 Coded reverse pattern Presser foot feet 1530 1230 1260 930 $0.99
Bernina 930 Electronic Sewing Machine $425.00
Genuine Bernina Walking Foot + Case, KL 1130 Old Style For 930 830 730 1130 1230 $89.99
Bernina Original Foot Control with Cord Fit 910,930,1090-1020,1130,1230,1530 $149.00