Bernina 1260


If you produce ornamental stitches, it is very easy to change the needle on the model. This valuable machine can handle anything from heavy to fine fabric. Like many other useful sewing machines, you can easily change the presser foot in the Bernina 1260.

Like many other sewing machines, the Bernina 1260 has a simple to change width and length for each of it's seams. This means you can customize the finished seams easily.

We're also happy to let you know that this particular model has a digital control. You're going to get an even completed product out of this. Forget about issues with hand embroidering because this is a good embroidering model. Selecting what type of embroidering stitch is easy with all the numerous stitch types this particular sewing machine offers.

You're going to be very easily able to sew large fabrics with this particular one. Always a handy accessory, this machine even includes a built-in needle threader.

It can be worth getting a machine only mainly because of the time saving features. Through setting the needle's stopping position you may make difficult patterns simply. We love exactly how quick it really is for making button openings on clothing. Creating buttonholes really is easy with the built-in one step option.

Good Things Other People Say About This Model

Many say it is an easy to use machine both to operate and maintain. People love this machine and the end result. Also most people say it has beautiful stitches. Online reviews like that the free arm motion works well.

Shopping For The Bernina 1260

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Bernina 1260 Sewing Machine Instruction User Manual $39.99
Push in Sewing Light Bulb Bernina 1120,1130,1230,1260,1530,1600,1630 # 3055000 $7.95
GENUINE BERNINA NEEDLE THREADER 1020 1130 1230 1260 1530 1630 plus $9.99
Bernina Push In Sewing Light Bulb For 1120,1130,1230,1260,1530,1600,1630 #000305 $4.64
Bernina 1260 Sew Steady Extension Table Quilting Package 18"X24" $99.00