Bernina 1200da


Large materials are just as easy to stitch as light materials. Pressure in the presser foot is adjustable with a Bernina 1200DA. With many stitch alterations, you can sew much easier.

Get excellent control by using the flexible length and width in the final stitch size. This enables you to sew more patterns.

This specific sewing machine additionally features electronic controls to offer you the greatest reliable stitches no matter what complexity or length. Which means you are certain to get reliable results. With the differential feed you may make excellent stitches on many materials. The integrated needle threader helps make starting off and adjusting thread very easy.

The Bernina 1200DA is designed for multiple colored threads since it's a serger. This means you can certainly make professional projects.

The Bernina 1200DA even offers a good rolled hem setting.

Good Things Other People Say About This Model

Many seamsters say it is an easy to use machine both to operate and maintain. Reviews enjoy the easy to use, simple interface means you won't be fighting your tools.

Shopping For The Bernina 1200DA

Items available on eBay. Prices are last bid amounts.
bernina 1200DA serger with a box of serger thread $1500.00
Upper Looper Bernina&Bernette Serger 800D,800DL,1100D,1200DA #A2512-234-000 $13.95
LOOPER Upper Bernina Bernette 1200DA 1300DC 2000D 2000DCE 2000DE 234 2500DCE 334 $24.95
KNIFE Carbide Upper Blade Bernina Bernette 1200DA 1300DC MO334 MO334D MO335 + $21.95
KNIFE Lower Blade Bernina Bernette 700D 800 800D 800DL 1100D 1100DA 1200DA 2000D $17.95
LOOPER Lower Bernina 003 004 004D 006D 007D 008D 009D 1100D 1100DA 1200DA 1300DC $32.95