Bernette 66


Sewing various kinds of fabric is designed to be effortless while using the flexible presser foot pressure. Sewing machines of this nature are great with a variety of tasks. For instance, the Bernette 66 has an adjustable length and width for it's seams.

Just like a number of other modern day sewing equipment, this one runs quiet and needs significantly less maintenance compared to older style devices. Get going with your projects quickly as there is a built-in needle threader.

While using the built-in one step buttonhole, you could make buttonholes without difficulty.

Good Things Other People Say About This Model

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Shopping For The Bernette 66

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Walking Foot / Feet Sewing Machine Bernina Bernette 66,70H,80E,92C,205,210,440, $21.95
Stitch In The Ditch Foot Feet Snap On Bernina Bernette 50,55,56,66,70H,75,90,410 $12.90
15 Snap On Zipper,Zigzag Foot Bernina Bernette 50,55,56,60,65,66,80,80E,82E,90E $36.05
Box Of 28 Clear Bobbins Bernina Bernette 50 55 60 65 66 70 75 80E 82E 90E#385096 $19.95
33 Snap on Foot Bernina Bernette 50,55,56,60,65,66,75,80E,82E 90,90E,430, 410, $52.20
Sewing Foot Feet 15 piece Set Bernina Bernette 50,55,56,60,65,66,80,80E,82E,90 $29.50