This kind of model is equipped for anything from heavy to delicate fabric. Just like many other useful sewing machines, it is possible to adjust the presser foot on the Babylock BL3 406. There are plenty of controls possible for stitch sizing within this machine.

Due to this, you can easily find it easy to sew numerous materials. The end result when you use this serger look professional.

Not all machines can serge.

Good Things Other People Say About This Model

In general, people enjoy the easy to use, simple interface means you won't be fighting your tools. Also most people would recommend this sewing machine to a friend.

Shopping For The Babylock BL3 406

Items available on eBay. Prices are last bid amounts.
LOOPER # 405-6101-02B Lower Babylock BL3-318 BL4-406 BL3-407 BL3-408 BL3-416 + $18.95
KNIFE Lower Blade Babylock BL3-318 BL3-406 BL3-407 BL3-416 BL3-417 BL3-426 + $6.95
LOOPER # 407-6101-01A Upper Babylock BL3200 BL3-318 BL3-406 BL3-407 BL3-408 + $18.95
Vintage JUKI Baby Lock BL3-406 2 or 3 Thread Sewing Machine Overlock Serger $150.00
KNIFE # 405-9102-01A Lower Blade Babylock BL3-318 BL3-406 BL3-407 BL3-416 + $6.95
KNIFE # 405-9101-01A Upper Blade Serger Babylock BL3-406 BL3-407 BL3-417 EF405 $12.99