You can change the presser foot pressure with the built-in settings. These feet are also interchangeable depending on what type of material you are working on. With many stitch alterations, you are able to sew easier.

Get excellent control using the adjustable length and width in the final stitch sizing. This lets you sew tighter hems.

The machine's overlocking feature means you will make professional looking garments and stitches. Eliminate hand-stitched hems. This saves you a lot of time for simple repairs. We like for example the polished off rolled hems you can also make.

Good Things Other People Say About This Model

A few reviews find it to be reliable and consistent.

Shopping For The Babylock 418

Items available on eBay. Prices are last bid amounts.
JUKI Baby Lock 418 self threading looper serger sewing machine $168.95
LOOPER Lower # 418-6101-02A Babylock BL4-436D BL4-437D BL4-828D BL5280 + $19.95
BELT Motor Lug Babylock BL3-407 BL3-416 BL3-418 BL3200 BL4-428 BL4-605 BL4-625 + $10.95
KNIFE Lower Blade Babylock BL3-417 BL3-418 BL4-428 BL4-738 BL5180 BL5280E + $7.95
LIGHT BULB Babylock BL3200 BL5180 BL3-418 BL3-426 BL4-428 BL4-436 BL4-436 + $7.95
KNIFE Upper Blade Babylock BL3200 BL3-318 BL3-408 BL3-416 BL3-418 BL4-436 + $8.95