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All About Husqvarna Sewing Machines

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Husqvarna Sewing Machines is a company who are now go by the name VSM Group which stands for Viking Sewing Machines. It is a company which is based in Huskvarna; this can be located in Sweden. It first began producing sewing machines in the year 1872. However Husqvarna was in fact originally a military based company which was actually founded in the year 1689 to produce muskets for the Swedish Army. Since this the company Husqvarna has grown in size and now produces items for a much wider range of people. This means that they are now able to gain much higher profits than before due to this increase in size of their target audience. Its production has since changed to weapons, sewing machines, kitchen equipment, bicycles, motorcycles, lawn mowers, chainsaws and construction products.

The company is known all over the world for designing, making and selling what is commonly referred to as “smart sewing machines”. These models are computerized sewing machines which sold under the brands called Husqvarna and Pfaff. The least expensive range of sewing machines Husqvarna Sewing Machines do is the mechanical sewing machine collection these are not computerized and called Huskystars. In contrast to this, the most expensive range of sewing machines from this company is known as The Designer series. This range of sewing machine offer a selection of great features, which can be expected because these sewing machines do cost slightly more than the others that Husqvarna have to offer.

The workers of Husqvarna Viking like to feel as if they are close to their clients and uphold a tight relationship with each and every client individually by tailoring to their personal needs and offering opportunities which are not on offer from their competitors. They attempt to achieve this by doing more than just supplying a service or terrific produce. Their sewing machines are designed to be easy and fun to use and to inspire the creativity within each and every client. They also hold quilting competitions amongst their customers, as well as developing and arranging quilt exhibits. They do this in hope to promote quilting amongst budding sewers, experienced quilters and the general public who are brand new to the mere concept of quilting. They also do this to boost the number of sales of Husqvarna Viking sewing machines which has proven a different technique yet rather successful. The range of sewing machines offered by Husqvarna that specialize in quilting have unique features that make quilting more simple, therefore a more pleasurable experience on the whole for the user.

The other types of machines retailed by Husqvarna include; embroidery machines, overlock machines, embellishing machines as well as a few more machine types. There is also a large amount of accessories for your machine that is on offer to purchase. The list of accessories comprises of various foot types such as elastic, gathering and piping. In addition to this you can also buy overlock needle threaders, needle inserters, needle plates, lower blades, upper blades, waste trays and more. These accessories make sewing just that little bit more user-friendly and less time consuming.

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A Review Of The Brother PC-420 PRW Project Runway Sewing Machine

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The Brother PC-420 is a great sewing machine. Inspired by the Project Runway hit TV series, the PC-420 is perfect for someone serious about sewing or fashion design.

Many people get this as an upgrade to an older sewing machine - and what an upgrade it is!

For starters it has 294 utility and decorative stitches total. This is a computerized sewing machine so your stitches are going to come out very nice and very uniform.

One of the best things about the PC-420 is the auto thread feature. This is such a great time saver. Plus it will automatically snip the top and bottom of the thread for you. This means with the PC-420 your thread will last longer and it saves you money in the long run.

The PC-420 looks good and has sturdy construction all around. It’s the perfect weight too - heavy enough to sit still, but not so heavy you can’t move it when needed.

We’ve read about some people throwing some heavy-duty work (fake fur, thick fabrics, even leather!) at the PC-420 and it handles it like a pro. Yet it is delicate enough for every day sewing, lingerie, and whatever kind of fashion you can imagine.

LCD Computerized Display

Here’s a view of the computer window. It’s very easy to navigate and with the included manual you will understand it in no time.

It can do a very strong stitch - the “triple stitch” is perfect for pillows or anything needing sturdy construction. It’s even got a one touch reverse stitch. Talk about handy!

This machine is also very easy to use and maintain. The bobbin area is easy to access. No screws are in the way of the easy to remove plastic housing.

Keep in mind this is a highend model, and many sewers report that using official Brother bobbins is the best way to go. By using official Brother ones you will prevent jams.

Compared to some of the $600 or $700 Husqvarnas, the Brother PC-420 is an absolute bargain. I know lots of people compare these two machines. So for the price and total value, the PC-420 is a much better buy. Plus it is quieter than comparable Berninas and comes with a generous 25 year limited warranty.

When you buy the PC-420 at Amazon, you get several accessories as well. Brother includes a number of presser feet, 4 new bobbins, a second spool pin, a cleaning tool, and a hard cover case. It’s everything you need to make your sewing project dreams a reality.

Order the Brother PC-420 PRW Sewing Machine from Amazon

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Spotlight on the Singer Confidence 7470

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I’ve noticed lots of people on the Etsy forums talking about their favorite sewing machines. One model that keeps popping up with favorable reviews is the
Singer Confidence 7470. Why is this?

For starters this is an electronic sewing machine with 150 built in stitches. This means the stitch controls are all done electronically, at the push of a button. This cuts down on errors and provides a consistent stitch quality all around.

I think another fun feature on this machine is the ability to actually change the stitches on the fly! Instead of having to only use the factory default looks, you can stretch, reverse, or edit the paths. This is really cool and let’s you make some custom pieces.

You’ve got 4 different types of automatic buttonholes, as well as alphabet and quilting stitches to choose from.

The Confidence 7470 is also quieter than many other Singer models. The only downside of this noise reduction is an increase in weight of the machine.

Like most Singer sewing machines, the 7470 has a good manual. Many people have also praised the simple to operate bobbin, as well as the auto tension.

I trust what the people on Etsy have to say - they’ve been using this for machine for a few years, and rely on it to make their crafts for sale!

Order the Singer Confidence Model 7470 Sewing Machine from Amazon

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Brother 7057 Review

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You might be interested in this review of the Brother 7057. It was a good beginner’s model, fairly inexpensive, and could do some nice hems.


Sewing Machine Reviews Are Live

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We now have over 600 sewing machine reviews online now. Ranging from the newest sergers to older mechanical action Singers, there are just so many types of sewing machines!

Some of the best ones you might be interested in:
Babylock BL40 Creative PRO, the Europro 9106, Janome’s Jem Platinum 720 or Super Quilter DX, the Singer 301, or the Viking Huskylock 910.

There’s also the Brother XL 2600 or Brother SE-270D, and the Singer Ultralock 14SH654.

Some of these are classic machines, but all in all the reviews should give you a feel for what all is out there. I hope these will help you find the best sewing machine possible.

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Best Sewing Machine Review - The Brother 1034D Lay-In Thread Serger

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Best Sewing Machine Deal For SergersLooking for an affordable serger? The Brother 1034D is one of the best sewing machine bang for your buck!

If you’ve been interested in sergers before but haven’t bought one yet, you’ll see this competitive model is under priced. Some people get scared off thinking that 4 thread overlocking is more difficult, but surprisingly this machine can make it easier.

It can do 3 or 4 thread overlocking, or 3 thread at 3mm and 5mm widths, blind hemming, and flatlocking. The end result is that attractive hem edge on your fabric that regular sewing machines cannot do.

For day to day consideration changing the spools is easy to do - it uses a color coded and numbered system to prevent errors. Thread tensioning is easy to set and troubleshoot should something go amiss. It comes with a responsive foot pedal and  many users praise the machine’s smooth, fast action.

Some of the best sewing machine features can seem “hidden” off from use at first. Thankfully, experts praise the manual and included DVDs of instructional material. If you have never used a serger before I would recommend you go over them first.

Brother really understand their target buyer for this sewing machine. In fact, many people have been serging within a half hour of unpacking this machine despite having never tried before - that’s how precise the instructions are.

serger stitch typesA nice surprise is the 1034D also can use regular thread spools and needles. This means if you have an existing sewing machine you can just swap these between the two.

As far as fabric choice goes, whatever you’re working on now should work - upholstery, frills, edging, etc.

The bottom line: The Brother 1034D Lay-In Thread Serger is one of the best sewing machine deals around. You will get professional level results at mainstream prices, and have a blast doing it.

Order the Brother 1034D 3/4 Lay-In Thread Serger from Amazon

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The Best Sewing Machine with Electronic Controls - Singer 7442

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Singer 7442 - the best Sewing Machine with simple electronic controlsThe Singer 7442 is the best sewing machine with basic electronic controls. Coming in as a top of it’s class machine in the price range, the 7442 is a good all around starter sewing machine.

It has 30 different types of available stitches, all consistently electronically controlled. The 7442 sews very well across common fabrics, household projects, and makes great buttonholes too.

Sturdy construction for the price, the 7442 has a drop-in bobbin and an automatic needle threader. In fact Singer calls it the “6-Second Threading System.”

Singer has the name of what many experts consider to the best sewing machine brand, and the 7442 is a good addition to their lineup. This machine will be able to handle what most people throw at it, and is sure to let you make a variety of projects.

Order the Singer 7442 Electronic Sewing Machine today!

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Singer Futura Sewing Machine Features Video

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From OpelikaSewing: This video highlights all the amazing features found in the Futura Sewing Machine Line by Singer. The Futura lineup includes the CE-100, CE-150, CE-250, and the CE-350. Futura is Singer’s embroidery sewing machine line.

Are the Futuras the Best Embroidery Sewing Machine? This line certainly has the features needed to hook up to personal computers, and the stitch quality looks good. Embrodiery machines are very fancy - look forward to some reviews and recommendations about finding the best sewing machine for embroidery uses.

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