Best Sewing Machine for Making Underwear, Lingerie, and Sleepwear

Sewing your own underwear and lingerie is a great idea. I’ve even made my own bras to avoid the ill-fitting and overprices department store ones.

Because this is a general type of sewing project your sewing machine will need to have adjustments for the stitch width, stitch length, and foot pressure. The foot pressure adjustments will help with sewing lingerie fabric.

In my experience I would recommend an electronic instead of a mechanical sewing machine. For this type of project needing fine control on stretchy fabric, they are the best sewing machine. If you’re lucky enough to have a serger it can help you add covered up seams and the elastic bands into the waist. It’s not required though - you can do without.

Some other hints - don’t use nylon tricut, think outside the box for your fabric choice. If you really like frills you can put beads or embroidery along the edges. It can look quite nice, and feel good on you!

The best sewing machine for lingerie needs to have:

  1. Lots of adjustments (special attention should be given to foot pressure adjustment)
  2. use of 8/60 needles
  3. preferably electronic controls
  4. a high quality straight stitch
  5. stretch blindhem would be nice to have too

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  1. afzal khan

    we are looking to setup a undergarment making unit.

    pl send us a budgetary offer and machinery details.


    afzal khan

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